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Arrangements Being Put In Place To Report Traffic Light Faults To KCC, Out Of Hours

 2014-12-21 13:10:01

Interim arrangements are being put in place to allow members of the public to report traffic light faults to Kildare County Council, out of hours.

KCC says it is to ensure the fault is repaired without delay.

This week, the authority issued a tender seeking a contractor to manage an out-of-hours call service for non-emergency issues.

KCC Says The Speed Limit In Kilmacreddock Is "Appropriate" For The Area

 2014-12-21 09:29:22

Kildare County Council says the speed limit in Kilmacreddock  is "appropriate" for the area.

It follows calls by Fine Gael Cllr., Joe Neville, for additional traffic signage, and a possible reduction in the speed limit there.

The local Municipal District Office says additional speed limit signage was erected on this section last year following a fatal accident.

And, it adds, the speed limit is apt, given the category of road.

Councillors Having Difficulty Accessing Information About Pay Parking Contracts In Newbridge

 2014-12-21 09:27:54

It seems some councillors are having difficulty accessing information about pay parking contracts in Newbridge.

Fine Gael Cllr., Fiona McLoughlin-Healy is asking Kildare County Council to "outline its protocol and role with respect to freedom of information requests made officially by councillors"

The motion, in particular,  "relates to the ongoing attempt to get information previously available to contractors or in the public domain regarding pay-parking contracts in Newbridge."

The motion, which refers to information that is not commercially sensitive, will be debated at tomorrow's KCC meeting.

Calls To Extend 30km Speed Limit To More Locations In Kildare

 2014-12-21 09:26:41

There are calls for the extension to more locations in Kildare of the 30 kilometre speed limit.

It is currently in force in and around the county's 137 schools, and in selected other locations.

Before Kildare County Council's December meeting, Fine Gael Cllr. Joe Neville, wants the reduced limit to be imposed in housing estates.

He is asking KCC to submit proposals to Government to that effect.

New Crossing Of The River Liffey In Celbridge Still Being Considered

 2014-12-21 09:25:15

A preliminary options report for a new crossing of the River Liffey in Celbridge is still being considered.

The draft  consultant's report was delivered in November

The bridge needs to be widened because it cannot cope with the volume of traffic using it.

Earlier this year, KCC contracted a consulting firm to examine how it may be possible to up-grade the bridge.

Calls For Review Of Public Toilet Facilities
Kildare County Council is being asked to terminate all existing contracts for public toilets.

There are four in Kildare, in Athy, Naas, Newbridge and Kildare town.

They cost a combined €128,000 a year, but only yield 25c in revenue for KCC per use.

The authority signed a 20 year contract in 2000 for the provision of these "super loos".

Fianna Fáil Cllr., Suzanne Doyle, in a motion before KCC's December meeting, is asking that these contracts be ended and that residue of the budget allocated for this service be invested with local business organisations in exchange for use of their conveniences
Calls For Reform Of Voluntary Housing Groups
There are calls for a reform of the manner of operation of voluntary housing associations in Co. Kildare.

These are independent non-profit making organisations that provide rented housing for people who cannot afford to buy their own homes or special groups, such as older people or homeless people.

In a motion before December's KCC meeting, Sinn Fein Cllr., Mark Lynch, is asking that people are only nominated to these associations on a linked bases, pro-rate to funding.

Further, he asks that in future, Kildare County Council only works with VAs that have signed up to, or are in the process of signing up to, the code of good governance as recommended by the Irish Council for Social Housing.
Monasterevin Distillery Plans Tabled
More detailed information has been supplied to planners on a proposal to build a new distillery in Monasterevin.

Cassidy's Spirits Distillery have applied for permission to change the use of a building on its lands at Millfarm, and turn it in to an artisan distillery.

Kildare planners asked for the information to enable them to make a determination on the proposals.

Officals Prepare For Big Feeze
Filling of grit boxes is taking place along North Kildare's roads this weekend.

It is in order to be prepared, in the event of freezing weather.

Kildare County Council says it also be replacing any grit boxes placed in storage for safekeeping during the summer.
Fresh Bid To Maximise Road Sweeping
Meetings may shortly take place between Tidy Towns officials and Kildare County Council in order to maximise road sweeping next year.

KCC says it "has enormous respect for the work done by the Tidy Towns groups in Leixlip and Celbridge."

There are established street sweeping routes for both towns and the municipal district office endeavours to get to all the estates on a regular basis.

The office says it " would be happy to liaise with the Tidy Towns groups if they seek to
alter this rota to assist with their efforts."

Call To Monitor Anti-Social Behaviour In Leixlip
Gardai are to be asked to periodically monitor an area in Leixlip because of its occasional use "for anti social driving practices".

The area is Mill Lane/Castle Park.

The statement, by Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal District officials, follows requests by councillors for safety measures there because of " a number of near-misses".

Officials say study using speed radar in the summer should drivers are, by and large, obeying the speed limit.
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