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High Court Grants Injunction To Protect Refugee Housing Site Amidst Demonstrations

Thursday, 29 February 2024 22:04

By Martin Osborne and Eoin Beatty

Kfm spoke to a number of protestors at the site today.

Pastures New Ltd, the company erecting emergency housing facilities for Ukrainian refugees at Flood's Cross in Newhall, has obtained a temporary injunction from the High Court to prevent demonstrators from obstructing access to the site.

The company asserts that its construction efforts are being impeded by individuals opposed to governmental provision of housing, who have initiated a continuous "blockade" of the primary entrances to the site.

According to The Irish Times, it has been claimed that protestors are disrupting its operations.

The company has been contracted to provide 985 beds within 387 cabins, alongside auxiliary facilities including a dining marquee, laundry, and recreation amenities at the location.

Despite being 90% complete, the facility faces potential delays due to the ongoing disruptions caused by the protesters, which could impede its scheduled completion by early March.

While the company asserts its respect for the right to peaceful protest, it maintains that the blockade of entrances poses both legal and safety concerns.

The blockade commenced approximately two days prior to the court's intervention, during which approximately 50 individuals prevented vehicles from accessing the site.

Kfm visited the site today.

Protestors have erected a gazebo and at least 14 individuals were present .

With Irish tricolours erected around the site and a makeshift fire, the protestors told us that they do not plan on leaving.

They have bottles of water, donuts, crisps and sandwiches stored under the gazebo.

Protestors have also been provided with fuel, including coal, firewood and briquettes, with calls for people to be on site 24 hours a day.


One woman, who identified herself as Denise, said if Ukrainian women and children arrive at the site, she would help them carry their bags in.

She said  "we are not racist” and that they feel like “the Government is lying to us”.

When told that the Department of Integration has confirmed that over 300 Ukrainian "families" will be provided with temporary accommodation at the site, she said people “don’t believe the Government”.

She said she doesn’t trust the Government and that services in the local community are overstretched.

Kfm told her that, according to the Department of Integration, a medical facility will operate on the site. She said “will Irish people be able to use it?”

She said locals are struggling to get a doctor’s appointment and that she believes housing refugees will put further strain on services.

You can hear the full interview on tomorrow’s Kildare Today programme.

The protestors operate a Facebook page which has almost 5000 members.

The group is primarily used to call for more people to attend the protests. 

However, members of the group, as seen in the below image from the private Facebook page, have also claimed that over 1000 "unvetted males” will be accommodated at the site.

They have also posted plans in the group calling for a "peaceful protest" on Saturday, starting at B&Q Naas and walking to Floods Cross, Newhall.

The Department of Integration has told Kfm that Ukrainian  “families” will be accommodated on the site.

Families with more than three children will be provided with two pods joined together.

Each pod will be fully plumbed, with their own shower and toilet facilities.

Meal times will be staggered throughout the day in a large marquee.

The facility will be staffed with a rostered team to include the facility manager, duty managers, night managers, security teams, food service staff and cleaners.

Security personnel will be on-site 24/7, 365 days a year and the manager on duty will be contactable at all times.

You can get more details here:


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