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Irish Priest: Pro Gay Marriage Within The Catholic Church & Pro Abortion If A Woman's Health At Risk

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Regarding Fr. Sean Sheehy's comments & the resetting of the Catholic Church

One Limerick Parish Priest believes the Catholic Church should be marrying both homosexual & heterosexual couples, and that women should have the right to access abortion if their health is at risk.

On Wednesday's 'Kildare Focus' Fr. Roy Donovan, Parish Priest of Caherconlish & Caherlyon, discussed the resetting of the Catholic Church.

When asked about gay & lesbian couples being married within the Catholic Church, Fr. Donovan believes they should "absolutely" be allowed.

"It's the couple who confer the sacrament of marriage, heterosexual, gay couples, should all be treated in the same, therefore should get the same blessing."

When asked about his stance on abortion Fr. Donovan said, "no woman sets out to get pregnant in order to have an abortion. One must meet people on the ground, where they're at & to support people & help people in the choices they make.

Yes the Catholic Church does put out all life is sacred, that's an ideal" but you need to "support people in the most caring & humane way possible".

When directly asked about women undergoing abortion procedures if their health would improve, or if their life was at risk, Fr. Donovan said "yes, I think you have to support. the mother is number one."

On the topic of women priests, Fr. Donovan commented "maybe we need a church with no priests at all.

Jesus never introduced priesthood, Jesus is the only Priest & every person in the common priesthood is a priest. Every person can meet God anywhere, everywhere, so why do we need priests?"

In terms of divorce, Fr. Donovan noted some people get marriage right the first time.

"For many people it's the second time around. Marriage is a great ideal, but in terms of everyday life, people need to be given a second chance."

The conversation began on the topic of Fr. Sean Sheehy, who has been ordered to stop saying Mass following a controversial sermon, in Listowel Co. Kerry on Sunday.

Fr. Sheehy said he was reflecting the views of many people.

During his sermon Fr. Sheehy described transgenderism as lunacy, and spoke about the sinfulness of sex between two men or two women.

He added it was horrible that the HSE was giving free condoms to teenagers, saying it promotes promiscuity.

Speaking to Radio Kerry on Wednesday, Fr. Sheehy doubled down on his comments, and claimed they were welcomed by some:

Fr. Donovan said "his view of sexuality is very outdated".

Continuing, "he doesn't seem to understand what modern scientists are saying. Being gay is just as normal for a gay person, as being heterosexual, for a heterosexual person."

Fr. Donovan noted the Kerry based priest was "communicating the old church view of sin, as being preoccupied all the time with sex".

He noted all Fr. Sheehy was condemning has "got to do with sex".

Fr. Donovan noted "all the church's teaching on sexuality needs to be radically updated".

"We want to reset the church totally & completely".

Adding "the modern world shows everyone is equal", continuing, "the bible puts across every person is the son or daughter of God".

When asked if it was understandable individuals like Fr. Sheehy - practicing the religion of Catholicism - to have these beliefs, Fr. Donovan said "the problem with the church's teachings on sexuality, it's all being put forward by men, celibate men & we are not listening to people's experiences on the ground."

Listen back to Fr. Donovan's full interview with Ciara Noble:


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