Car parking charges at the new National Children's Hospital will be capped at a maximum of €10 per day.

The plan is outlined in new tender documents relating to the planned multi-billion euro facility on the site of St James's Hospital in Dublin.

Hospital car park charges have been a contentious issue for a number of years.

In 2018, the Health Service Executive said a daily cap should also be introduced.

While the recommendation was also included in the 2020 Programme for Government, progress has since stalled amid claims any cap could cost the State €5m a year.

But new files show the plan will be introduced at the NCH.

Tender documents say when it opens the new facility's car park must "be subject to a maximum charge of €10 per day" - a cap it says is "imposed by ministerial order."

The files also say the proposed 994 space car park's operator will only be allowed to charge for 575 visitor spaces - as 419 staff and social care spaces will be left uncharged.